Main tasks and responsibilities in the project:

For its involvement in the project, the company will participate in the WP related to its expertise and mechano-physical treatment concerning new EV batteries and new chemistries of LIB moving from scraps to raw materials (mainly for hazardous and/or strategic materials (beside cobalt  the other strategic materials are lithium, phosphate and fluorine).

WP4 Task 4.1: TES will be responsible for shredding batteries using its proprietary in-house technology (Patent covered) . This first step of the process allows safe access to active materials and followed by a chain of successive steps based on physical separations to sort between the base metals (Al, Cu, Fe), organic fractions, fine fraction  black mass.

WP4 Task 4.7.:  thanks to its pilot platform having pre-pilot (10 kg/h); semi pilot (80 kg/h) and full industrial pilot (500kg/h) TES will contribute to validation of some unit operations from the most promising pre-treatment routes and preparation for upscaling.

WP 8: Contribution of sustainability assessment of the developed mechano-physical process.