Gas-Diffusion Electrocrystallisation: Exploring sustainable recovery of battery metals


The Gas-Diffusion Electrocrystallisation (GDEx) technology allows the one-step recovery of metals and synthesis of new materials with high added value. In the framework of the RHINOCEROS project, the research team at VITO has been focusing on optimising the GDEx technology to achieve selective recovery of nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), and cobalt (Co), contained in leachates from black mass.

Currently, researchers at VITO are working the development of material libraries based on the different Ni-Mn-Co ratios in the precursor stream, studying the different stoichiometries and crystallographic structure of the new synthesised products, e.g., spinel and layered materials. Moreover, their research extends to the investigation of black mass Ni, Mn, Co recycling procured from consortium partners.

Following work will consist in testing the upcycled products from black mass as new cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.

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