Battery Recycling Conference & Expo 2024 is the must-attend event for battery producers, recycling companies, critical raw material suppliers, and the entire battery supply chain to come together to discover the latest innovations and solutions to create a circular economy for used batteries and help create sustainable supply chains for the future.

The conference will cover a number of highly targeted topics with a holistic approach to reducing the environmental impact of battery production and ensure maximum recovery of critical raw materials from end-of-life batteries.

Battery Recycling

Electric vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, research organisations and NGOs, will come together to discuss the latest challenges for battery recycling and end-of-life solutions.

Metal & Critical Raw Material Recycling

Metals and CRM’s are playing an ever growing role in a number key industries. As well as contributing to the circular economy and lowering carbon emissions, recycling will be crucial in reducing reliance on foreign imports and increasing stability in the supply chain.

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IARC is the international platform for discussing the latest developments and challenges in circular economy and automotive recycling that brings together up to 300 decision-makers from the automotive and recycling sector, especially car manufacturers, metal suppliers, plastic scrap traders, recyclers, shredder operators, policy-makers and many more.

The 2024 edition will be hosted in Antwerp, Belgium, between 19-21 June.

What to expect at IARC 2024:

  • A significant transformation is underway in the realm of vehicle recycling, with global implications!
  • Given the close scrutiny of this development in European legislation by other global regions, it is set to be a focal point for discussion at IARC 2024.
  • This topic is of particular relevance to all stakeholders operating within the automotive circular economy value chain.
  • The European Commission released a Proposal for a Regulation on End-of-Life Vehicles during the summer of 2023. A Public Consultation, entitled ‘Have Your Say,’ provided stakeholders with the opportunity to express their views on the Proposal until early December 2023.
  • The positions that the EU Council and the EU Parliament will take throughout 2024 will shape the final outcome of this landmark legislation.

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The organisers of ees Europe, working together with the experts from the ees Europe Conference committee and the prestigious conference partners, put together a highly topical two-day program focusing on the most important market and technology trends for energy storage. The ees Europe Conference will take place in Messe München/Munich, Germany, between 18 and 19 June 2024.

Stationary energy storage is fast growing in importance at every point in the energy supply chain. Likewise, eMobility is gaining traction worldwide. The greater need for both is fuelling demand for storage facilities and grid connectivity.

Where are the most promising markets for stationary and mobile energy storage? Which financing schemes are being applied and what are viable innovative ways of funding? Which players are defining industry best practice with transferable business models? Which quality standards must be met and what is the role of energy storage in the perspective of sector coupling? What are the trends and innovations for hydrogen technology and power-to-gas? These topics will be discussed at ees Europe Conference.

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Organised in Messe, Stuttgart between 18 and 20 June 2024, The Battery Show Europe & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo conference delivers insight into key business and technical challenges, tackling relevant issues like:

  • Intelligent Systems Integration for EV Advancements
  • Advances in Battery Tech
  • Regulatory Insights: Navigating Battery Policy
  • Next-Gen Materials
  • Charging and Infrastructure
  • Sustainability, Recycling and End of Life Options
  • Battery Safety and Thermal Management
  • Production and Upscaling

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Battery Cells & Systems Expo is an international showcase of manufacturers, users and the entire supply chain working to increase battery performance, cost and safety. The show will bring together automotive OEM’s, electric utilities, battery cell manufacturers, system manufacturers and integrators along with the entire manufacturing supply chain.

Co-located with Vehicle Electrification Expo, The Advanced Materials Show, and The Advanced Ceramics Show, we will welcome 300+ exhibitors and 4,000+ visitors in May 2024, between 15 and 16.

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The 2024 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) organized with the Foundation Jean-Marie Lehn will be held at the Convention & Exhibition Centre of Strasbourg (France), from May 27 to 31, 2024.

The conference will consist of parallel symposia with invited speakers, oral and poster presentations assorted by a plenary session to provide an international forum for discussing recent advances in the field of materials science. The meeting will be augmented by an exhibition of products and services of interest to the conference participants.

The high quality scientific program will address different topics organized into 22 symposia arranged in 6 clusters covering the fields of Decarbonized energy and sustainability; Materials for human well-being; 2D materials and surfaces: synthesis, characterization and perspectives; Advanced characterization of materials; Materials sciences for cultural heritage; Electronics, magnetics and photonics.

The latest scientific results will be presented and authors are invited to submit papers in the selected journals that fit the scope of each symposium.

The focus of the scientific program will be both on fundamental investigations and technological applications, providing an international forum for discussing recent advances related to the different aspects to be considered to promote innovation.

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Each year, AABC Europe brings together a global audience of battery technologists and their key suppliers for a must-attend week of development trends, breakthrough technologies and predictions of the market for years to come. As Europeam nations and international OEMs invest in their commitment to vehicle electrification and eMobility, the 2024 event in Strasbourg will help propel that momentum forward, presenting unparalleled coverage of the research and development, that helps drive outcomes and supports the next generation of electric vehicle batteries.

The AABC Europe conference will take place in Strasbourg, France, between 13 and 16 May.

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The Raw Materials Summit is a call-to-action – a platform – for industry leaders, educators and innovative new talent to share their vision for a sustainable raw materials future. The aim is to raise awareness of the critical role of raw materials, exchange knowledge and break down the barriers that delay sustainable value chains.

The event will take place this year at The Egg Brussels, Rue Bara 175, 1070 Bruxelles, Belgium, between 14 and 16 May.

The transition to clean energy means changing how we identify, source, use and re-use raw materials. We are all dependent on a sustainable raw materials supply and need to play an active role in the creation and maintenance of a responsible raw materials sector.

The 6th edition of the Raw Materials Summit will feature topics such as:
  • Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and its impact
  • Raw Materials Academy and our future workforce
  • Changes to supply, demand and the latest trade policies
  • Electrification through renewables – and nuclear
  • Heightening mineral security for defense & space
  • Three nations present minerals investment plans
  • Looking beyond the EU’s existing strategic ties
  • Responsible sourcing for the automotive sector
  • The steel industry’s race to net zero
  • Reputation management and mineral transparency

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OİB (Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association, Türkiye), OSD (Automotive Manufacturers Association, Türkiye), TAYSAD (Automotive Suppliers Association, Türkiye) and OTEP (Automotive Technology Platform, Türkiye) have teamed up to organize the 8th IAEC- International Automotive Engineering Conference, IAEC’23 will be held by live attendance in Bekir Okan Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi Istanbul / Türkiye on 2nd and 3rd of November 2023 in cooperation with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

  • Automotive Industry, as one of Türkiye’s leading industries with remarkable impact on the economy, is targeting to;
  • Develop engineering, R&D and innovation capability
  • Foster cooperation between universities and the industry,
  • Encourage the utilization of alternative resources through engineering companies at national and international level, to increase product development and innovation capability.

The educational and developmental output that run parallel to the aforementioned needs are necessary for both research and engineering teams. Based on this purpose and necessity, IAEC is planning to guide R&D and engineering output in the industry, perception management, and information-sharing.

The main theme of the conference will be latest developments in automotive industry with a focus on “Electric Vehicle & Alternative Fuel Technologies”, “Decarbonisation of Industry”, “Autonomous Vehicles”, ‘’Cyber Security & Connectivity in Automotive’’, ‘’Smart-Manufacturing Technologies’’ and “Circular Economy’’ .

Partner in the RHINOCEROS project, FORD will be presenting their work on 3 November, during the panel titled “Circular Economy”.

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ECS is pleased to return to Europe for its first biannual meeting there in over 10 years! Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, has held the #1 ranking on the Global Destination Sustainability Index since 2016. This commitment to compassionate science and a sustainable future helps make Gothenburg a very attractive destination for all attendees. As the meeting takes place at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers Hotel, participants are well positioned to enjoy the city’s many delights!

The 244th ECS Meeting brings together the most active researchers in academia, government, and industry—professionals and students—to engage, discuss, and innovate in the areas of electrochemistry and solid state science and related technologies. This is the premier destination for industry professionals to experience five days of learning, technical presentations, business development, and networking opportunities.

The event will take place between 8 and 12 October 2023.

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Meet the RHINOCEROS project at ECS 2023

On 9 October, in an additional session titled “Transforming Metal-Containing Secondary Resources into Functional Materials for Electrochemical Energy Applications”, you will have the occasion to delve deeper into GDEx  with its inventor, Dr. Xochitl Dominguez Benetton – senior scientist at VLAAMSE INSTELLING VOOR TECHNOLOGISCH ONDERZOEK N.V. (VITO). Dr. Dominguez Benetton will provide a comprehensive overview of the electrochemical reduction of gases, and present various advantages of this novel process that addresses pressing  issues, such as waste management and resource preservation.

Learn more about GDEx on the reference website and in our previously published article.