Global LCA and Sustainable Vehicles Congress


Due to the success of our LCA & Carbon Neutral Vehicles series, LBCG are proud to announce that Global LCA and Sustainable Vehicles Congress will take place between 18 and 19 September 2023, in Berlin.

Developed for Chief Engineers, Heads of Sustainability as well as those responsible for circular economy, environmental strategies and climate action. The conference sessions are geared to those who are interested in Global Governance, Regulations and Sustainability. Ideal for those engaged with designing whole vehicle perspectives with the environment as the main focus.

The conferences aim to provide practical solutions on strategic, tactical and technical challenges. Over the years almost 10,000 automotive experts have taken away invaluable insight and formed business-critical connections.

About the event


Pre-conference workshop – Training Workshop: Automotive Life Cycle Assessment (available only on site)

Agenda Day 1 – Achieving Sustainability Targets while Remaining Profitable: LCA Standardisation, Decarbonisation & Circular Integration

Agenda Day 2 – Development in Battery Sustainability: Carbon Footprint Reduction & Recycling

RHINOCEROS project presented at the Global LCA and Sustainable Vehicles Congress

During the first day of panel discussions (Day 1), partner FORD Otosan will attend the session “Strategies for Integrating Decarbonisation and Circular Initiatives – Minimising Carbon Emissions through Recycled Materials, Circular Supply Chain Development, and Collaborative Recycling Initiatives”, where various topics will be addressed:

  • Approaches to combining decarbonisation efforts with circular practices
  • Incorporating life cycle thinking into product design and development to help ensure that the entire life cycle of a vehicle is considered, including production, use, and end-of-life
  • The practicalities of Implementing closed-loop supply chains that help improve sustainability and reduce emissions